Meet The Team

A great gym is founded on great people; our friendly team look forward to welcoming all members and new comers alike.

Take a look at some of our team bios below.

Hannah Curry

Personal Trainer

My name is Hannah, I am a personal trainer at Club Energy Retford and my aim is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. I believe everyone has the right to be healthy and feel good inside and out. Getting fit does not have to be difficult and restrictive, you can still enjoy eating the foods you love. We can work together and create a program catered for your needs and abilities. Through practicing and teaching Yoga I can factor in improving posture, balance, core strength, mobility and flexibility into your workouts.

Visit my page on Facebook Hannah Curry Personal Training or contact the Club for more details or to get in touch. 

Charlotte Lane

Club Manager

Qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Certified Pound Pro, Boogie Bounce Instructor, Spin Instructor, TRX/Suspension Training, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Managing Anxiety & Stress, Exercise & Mental Health

Club Energy has been part of my life for almost 15 years now (yes, really) and it was this environment that made me fall in love with health & fitness. I have honestly never experienced such a friendly & supportive atmosphere and I now take great pride in continuing that. The gym can feel out of many people’s comfort zones and so as fitness professionals, it is up to us to make you feel at home here, to help you train safely, efficiently and to always want to come back!

My passion is people and so I’m here to help – and if I can’t help, I will make sure that there is someone who can! Whether you’re completely new to the gym and exercise, you’re making your return after some time away, or you need that extra little push to switch things up and boost your training – again, I’m here to help.

My aim is to make fitness fun and group exercise is a great way to do that – if you struggle to motivate yourself in the gym and don’t wish to go down the Personal Training route, exercise classes can really help. As a Boogie Bounce & Pound instructor I’m all about the loud music and party atmosphere – but making sure that classes can cater to all fitness levels & abilities. Outside of the gym I also teach Generation Pound classes at local Primary Schools – trying to make fitness fun for the younger generation too.

For me, health and fitness isn’t purely about the physical - mental health is a huge aspect as to why this job is so important to me and why exercise can play a huge role in our well-being. If you would like to arrange a chat about how exercise can positively impact your mental & physical health, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Facebook: CL Fitness & Health, Boogie Bounce Bawtry, Pound Retford/Bawtry/Beckingham

Instagram: CL Fitness & Health, Boogie Bounce Bawtry/Beckingham, Pound Retford/Bawtry/Beckingham

Mobile: 07817654782

Becky Godley

Personal Trainer

Qualifications: Level 2 Fitness Instructor. Level 3 Personal Trainer. Nutrition Coaching. Pre and Post Natal.

Hi, I'm Becky and I'm a personal trainer here at Club Energy, Retford.

My passion is helping people enjoy exercise. I believe I can help anyone, of any fitness level, to feel confident in the gym. My job is to pass on my knowledge and training tips to you so you understand how to get the most out of being here.

I have gone through a transformation myself! Rewind 5 years and I was doing classes most nights and I fell in love with fitness, my confidence grew and here I am teaching and training others.

If you need guidance or inspiration, find me in the gym or give me a message.

Telephone: 07944340973

Facebook: BG Personal Training & Nutrition

Instagram: becky.godleypt

Jack Randell

Personal Trainer

Qualifications: Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Education & Coaching, Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer

As a rugby player, I personally prefer hypertrophy and strength training to improve my in-game performance. To keep fit I push myself through HIIT training as I find it far less tedious that just running.

I've always been into sports and fitness for as long as I can remember and I've been playing rugby since I was 5. I have been a member at Energy since I was 14 and started taking my training seriously when i turned 16/17. From there I knew I wanted to turn it into a career.

Lawrence Narancic

Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Lawrence (LN Fitness). Just like the others, my life revolves around fitness. You can always catch me in the gym either training or socialising. I believe the gym is one of the greatest places to build yourself up, not just physically but also mentally.

I started off in the gym when I was 15 - as a scrawny, shy kid. I built myself up in the gym as I started to lift, take my training seriously and educate myself further in the world of fitness. Fast forward to the present day and I've been through University, collected my qualifications and now I'm pursuing my career in doing what I love - helping others achieve their fitness goals.

I personally enjoy hypertrophy, power & strength training to build up a strong, explosive and athletic physique that helps in my favourite sports -football & boxing. My training isn't only limited to these styles as I always like to try new training styles in the gym too!

If you ever see me please introduce yourself, it's very rewarding to make new connections on and off the gym floor and I'm always happy to give fitness advice where I can. In particular I can help you build muscle, improve performance, control nutrition & improve mindset.

Phone: 07950196382

Facebook: LN Fitness Official

Instagram: LN Fitness Official